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Our sailing routes

The different sailing routes through Breda

Breda is beautiful from the water. And has its own charms during all seasons of the year. We sail through Breda with open boats, so that everyone can enjoy the beautiful view! Even for the residents of Breda, a new world opens up when they see their own city from the water. We often hear:

''I didn't know that there is so much water in Breda" and that it is so beautiful from the water!

All our tours depart from BAAI Breda. From BAAI you have the opportunity to sail different tours and take in all the highlights of the city. The longer you sail, the more you see of the area and the more fun it will be on board! Experience also shows that the time onboard flies by.

Our 1-hour tour through Breda

During the 1 hour cruise you will sail one round through the canals of Breda. The Bredase canals are 7,5 km long and run around the beautiful historic city center. You sail a beautiful route passing many sights such as the Spanjaardsgat, the KMA, the Castle of Breda, the Valkenberg Park, the old beer brewery, the famous Koepelgevangenis, and, for example, the Seelig Barracks. After one hour of sailing, this tour ends again at BAAI Breda.

Our 1,5-hour tour through Breda

The 1.5-hour cruise also starts at BAAI Breda. The first part of the tour takes you through the canals and you pass several interesting sights. Halfway through the tour, however, turn left towards the Boeimeer area. You sail here on the Mark, where the water narrows and the surroundings are a bit greener. You sail this part until you reach the Boeimeer, after which you turn around and then sail back to sail the second part of the canals.

Our 2-hour tour through Breda

Our most booked tour is the 2 hour tour. This tour also starts at BAAI Breda and, like the previous tours, will first sail a part of the canals. Halfway through the canals we enter the Mark and sail through the luxurious neighborhoods of Boeimeer and the Ginneken. What makes this tour so popular is that it does not turn around halfway, but continues all the way through the luxurious district of 't Ginneken to the beautiful and green nature reserve Markdal. This is the point where we turn on a 2 hour journey. A beautiful tour that alternates between sights in the city center and peaceful nature.

Our 2,5-hour tour through Breda

Our 2,5 hour tour through Breda is the most complete! During the 2,5-hour tour, we sail even further into the Markdal. Here you can enjoy the calm and beautiful nature. We sail on to the lock at Ulvenhout and then turn around. We then sail back to the canals to continue the route back to BAAI Breda.

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