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Our fleet

Our fleet

Our fleet currently consists of 13 luxury sloops varying in size. We also have several 7-person Whaly's that are rented out for self-sailing. Bootje Varen Breda is now 15 years old and has grown considerably over the years. In 2008 we started sailing with groups through the Singels van Breda and managed only one boat. Our fleet has grown enormously over the years.

Our luxurious boats

Bootje Varen Breda has several luxurious boats! Varying from sloops with a capacity of 10 people to beautiful electric sloops with a capacity of 50 people. In total, we can sail around groups of up to 250 people with our luxurious boats. Our entire fleet of luxurious boats then sails together on a beautiful tour through Breda.

All these sloops are equipped with a luxurious appearance, comfortable seat cushions, a built-in sound system, and are sailed by one of our experienced captains. If desired, this captain can tell you everything about the area during your tour, but you can also choose to put on some nice music. The tours on these luxurious boats can be extended with a luxury arrangement onboard. With delicious cold drinks, lunch, or, for example, a complete BBQ you can enjoy yourself to the fullest!

Our Self Sailing boats

In addition to the luxurious boats, Bootje Varen Breda also owns several Self Sailing sloops. These agile 7 to 10-person boats do not require a license and are therefore rented out for independent sailing. This allows you to explore the Breda waterways at your own pace! There is nothing better than renting a boat on a lovely summer day to explore the waterways of Breda yourself with a drink and a snack on board! These boats can be booked directly online via the website:  www.zelfvarenbreda.nl.

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