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Our boarding location

BAAI Breda

BAAI Breda opened its doors in June 2019 and since then every boat tour of Bootje Varen Breda has departed from this beautiful place. BAAI is a beautiful location where you can go for a snack or drink, but where you can also extend your day with a BBQ, drink, or fun activity. After your boat tour, feel free to stick around at BAAI for a nice drink!

BAAI literally means where the water enters the land. A spot where the most beautiful terraces are located all over the world. The same goes for BAAI! The beautiful terrace of BAAI is located on the water where the Mark Breda enters! The spot where you can enjoy delicious wines, many Breda beers, but above all just a very nice drink!

Summer, Autumn and Winter BAAI

In the summer, BAAI is a wonderful place to relax by the water, but BAAI is also open in autumn and winter for a snack and drink, a unique company outing with drinks, or a fully catered day. The AutumnBAAI and WinterBAAI are each unique concepts where you can imagine yourself completely in an autumn and winter atmosphere. There are of course seasonal drinks on the menu, but we also organize autumn and winter barbecues and offer an adapted game program. This way you can enjoy that nice festival feeling at BAAI in autumn and winter too!

Are you curious about the possibilities to combine your day out with a drink or dinner at BAAI? Then contact with us quickly!


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