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Cruising in Breda

  • The best and most luxurious boats in Breda
  • With a capacity of up to 250 people
  • Beautiful route through center and nature

Cruising in Breda

We are very proud of the beautiful city of Breda. But we're even prouder of the amazing canals in Breda through which we can sail with our luxurious boats. Sailing in Breda is a great experience, and we are happy to be able to share that with you. On our beautiful boats, it is possible to purchase an arrangement to make your day out even more complete! From lunch to BBQ dinner and from special drinks offer to an extensive breakfast, anything is possible to transform your day out into a unique experience.

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Have a drink on a boat

Drink boat

At the drinks boat you enjoy a cruise with a skipper with delicious cold drinks (beer/wine/soda) on board

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For a lovely summer evening

BBQ Boat Breda

Hang out as the grill master and enjoy our delicious BBQ Boat with ice-cold drinks on the water together!

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The most refreshing lunch

Lunch Boat Breda

A unique lunch onboard one of the most luxurious boats in Breda. The perfect start to your afternoon!

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Spanish specialties on water

Tapas Boat Breda

Enjoy delicious tapas and unlimited beer, wine and soft drinks on board one of our luxury sloops with the tapas boat.

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Flip your own burgers on board

Burger Boat Breda

Are burgers your thing? Then this arrangement is perfect for you. Create your perfect burger and enjoy!

Explore Breda by water

Boat tour with Captain

Enjoy a wonderful trip on the water during the cruise with skipper!

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Refreshments on the water

Borrel Boat Breda

Start your afternoon or evening off with a drink on a luxurious boat with delicious snacks and unlimited beer, wine, and soft drinks!

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Unique drinks on the water

Beer Boat Breda

Do you like a beer and boating? Then the beer boat is perfect for you!

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Unique drinks on the water

Wine Boat Breda

Are you a wine lover? Then the Wine Boat would be the perfect activity for you and your friends!

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An extra cosy tour

High Tea Boat

High tea in style on board a luxury sloop: the perfect way to complete your pleasant day!

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The ultimate start of the day

Breakfast Boat

Peacefully start your day aboard one of our luxurious boats and discover Breda's waters at dawn!

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The perfect start of the day

Coffee and pastry Boat

Start the day with a cup of coffee or tea and a delicious piece of cake on board one of our luxurious boats!

Captain for one day

Sail yourself Breda

The best way to explore Breda's central waterways is to set sail with your very own boat!

Our team is ready for you!

Can't get out of somewhere? Or do you have other questions or comments? Our team is ready for you. Feel free to contact us; together we look for the best experience and possibilities!

Tour through Breda by water

In addition to the various arrangements on board that we offer, it is of course also possible to rent only the boat with a captain in Breda. All tours on the luxurious boats with a captain are sailed by one of our friendly and skilled captains from Breda. If desired, they will entertain you with your favorite music or they will be your guide in Breda and tell you about the sights and highlights that can be seen during the tour.

Arrangements on board in Breda

Aboard our boats, we offer many arrangements. Varying from a BBQ or tapas, cold drinks, or a unique lunch on the water. The drinks on the boat are kept cold in wonderful champagne coolers with crushed ice. This way you’ll have ice-cold drinks throughout the whole trip. During our dinners onboard you can enjoy delicious burgers, a nice BBQ, or tapas during the entire boat tour through Breda! In short: all the necessities for a great, fully catered tour by water in Breda.

Independent sailing in Breda

If you prefer to sail through Breda on your own, this is of course possible. You determine the direction and speed yourself and use a map to guide yourself through Breda’s waterways in search of cool sights. These independent sailing boats are intended for smaller groups and can be booked directly on the “Zelf Varen” website: On this website, you can also find further information about the boats you can rent. No license is required for these boats!

Boarding location BAAI

Our boat tours through Breda depart from BAAI Breda. In addition to our boarding location, BAAI is an attractive catering location in Breda. It is perfect for having a hot or cold drink before the tour to start the day off. A beautiful place by the water for a snack or drink and the departure location of your boat tour through Breda!

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