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Food & drinks

  • Diverse food and beverage options
  • On and around the water
  • Always near the city center

Food and drinks in Breda

Breda is beautiful and we are extremely proud of our city. Especially the places on and around the water are perfect for a snack and a drink. That’s why it is also possible to purchase an F&B arrangement on all our sloops. From a complete lunch to a BBQ dinner and from a drinks package to an extensive breakfast, everything is possible to make your day out special. But you can also book various arrangements around the water at our starting location, BAAI Breda, with delicious snacks and ice-cold drinks.

Drinking nice wine

Wine tasting at BAAI

Come and enjoy the wine tasting with several delicious wines at BAAI and find out who the real connoisseur is!

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Atmospheric BBQ by the water


During the BAAI BBQ, our chef will prepare your dishes, so you only have to enjoy the atmosphere!

A drink on the water

Drinks at BAAI Breda

BAAI is the spot for a drink in Breda to enjoy a drink or a fully catered drink on the water!

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Have a drink on a boat

Drink boat

At the drinks boat you enjoy a cruise with a skipper with delicious cold drinks (beer/wine/soda) on board

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For the true beer lover

Beer tasting at BAAI

Do you want to make the drink a bit more exciting? Then opt for the beer tasting and test your taste buds!

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For a lovely summer evening

BBQ Boat Breda

Hang out as the grill master and enjoy our delicious BBQ Boat with ice-cold drinks on the water together!

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The most refreshing lunch

Lunch Boat Breda

A unique lunch onboard one of the most luxurious boats in Breda. The perfect start to your afternoon!

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Flip your own burgers on board

Burger Boat Breda

Are burgers your thing? Then this arrangement is perfect for you. Create your perfect burger and enjoy!

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Refreshments on the water

Borrel Boat Breda

Start your afternoon or evening off with a drink on a luxurious boat with delicious snacks and unlimited beer, wine, and soft drinks!

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Unique drinks on the water

Beer Boat Breda

Do you like a beer and boating? Then the beer boat is perfect for you!

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Unique drinks on the water

Wine Boat Breda

Are you a wine lover? Then the Wine Boat would be the perfect activity for you and your friends!

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An extra cosy tour

High Tea Boat

High tea in style on board a luxury sloop: the perfect way to complete your pleasant day!

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The ultimate start of the day

Breakfast Boat

Peacefully start your day aboard one of our luxurious boats and discover Breda's waters at dawn!

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The perfect start of the day

Coffee and pastry Boat

Start the day with a cup of coffee or tea and a delicious piece of cake on board one of our luxurious boats!

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Our team is ready for you!

Can't get out of somewhere? Or do you have other questions or comments? Our team is ready for you. Feel free to contact us; together we look for the best experience and possibilities!

Eating and drinking on the water
We offer many packages onboard our luxurious boats. The drinks, belonging to the packages, are kept cool throughout the trip by various champagne coolers with crushed ice that we put on board with you. For example, you are provided with ice-cold drinks and with our dinner arrangements a hot meal during the entire boat tour, through the BBQ that we facilitate for you. In short: everything you need for a great, fully catered boat tour on the water.

Eating and drinking by the water
BAAI is the hotspot in Breda where you can enjoy delicious wines, many Breda beers, but above all just a very nice drink or dinner. Get out of the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy that wonderful free feeling on the edge of the city center of Breda, by the water.

Dietary requirements or allergies
Is there a vegetarian or vegan in your company and do you find it difficult to organize an equally extensive BBQ or Tapas for them? Leave that to us! Because we always have a matched wide range for vegetarians/vegans or for allergies/intolerances as for the rest of the group.

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