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Complete offer

  • A fully catered day
  • Games and Activities
  • From drinks to barbecue!

Complete offer

BAAI is the spot in Breda where you can enjoy a delicious drink by the water, a fully catered drink or dinner, but where you can also enjoy a unique cruise or challenging activity. BAAI is transformed every season into the most unique location on the water in Breda.

Summer BAY

BAY literally means where the water enters the land. A spot where the most beautiful terraces all over the world have settled. The same goes for BAAI! The beautiful terrace of BAAI is located on the water where the Mark enters Breda. The hotspot where you can enjoy delicious wines, many Breda beers, but above all a very pleasant drink!

With our beautiful and unique offer we make your staff drink, family day or friends outing complete. On this page you will find our complete range for your day out in Breda, so look further for all the possibilities!


List of the Turfship

Move from location to location, solve all challenging riddles and win the battle..

From 10 people
Drinking nice wine

Wine tasting at BAAI

Come and enjoy the wine tasting with several delicious wines at BAAI and find out who the real connoisseur is!

From 8 people
Will you escape the island?

Escape From The Island

Working together, surviving and solving problems.. Just a little different from an escape room, that's Escape From The Island!

From 10 people
combi image COMBI
Atmospheric BBQ by the water


During the BAAI BBQ, our chef will prepare your dishes, so you only have to enjoy the atmosphere!

combi image COMBI
Super exciting city game

Escape City Game

Take on the challenge at the Escape City Game, solve the riddles to crack the codes. Are you on time?

From 10 people
Unlock, Play and Score!

locker games

UNLOCK, PLAY & SCORE. During the Locker Games you will work with your team to collect the most points.

combi image COMBI
For the movie stars to be

Shredded Movie

Shoot unique images in separate groups at the scenes in Breda and discover the full story during your premiere!

combi image COMBI
Crazy city game

Crazy 88 Breda

Earn the most points with your team during the Crazy88 by completing as many crazy assignments as possible.

From 10 people
combi image COMBI
Who's got the most knowledge?


Test your knowledge during this fun pub quiz. Who will be the smartest of the day? Find out here!

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A spectacular golf craze

Street Golf Clinic

Golf on the edge of the center, with special holes? That is possible with the Streetgolf Clinic In Breda!

Playing with a drink

BAY Games

Fun games while enjoying a drink! The BAAI Games are the addition to your day out!

combi image COMBI
Have a drink on a boat

Drink boat

At the drinks boat you enjoy a cruise with a skipper with delicious cold drinks (beer/wine/soda) on board

From 10 people
For the true beer lover

Beer tasting at BAAI

Do you want to make the drink a bit more exciting? Then opt for the beer tasting and test your taste buds!

combi image COMBI
For a lovely summer evening

BBQ Boat Breda

Hang out as the grill master and enjoy our delicious BBQ Boat with ice-cold drinks on the water together!

From 10 people
combi image COMBI
The most refreshing lunch

Lunch Boat Breda

A unique lunch onboard one of the most luxurious boats in Breda. The perfect start to your afternoon!

From 10 people
combi image COMBI
Flip your own burgers on board

Burger Boat Breda

Are burgers your thing? Then this arrangement is perfect for you. Create your perfect burger and enjoy!

From 10 people
Explore Breda by water

Boat tour with Captain

Enjoy a wonderful trip on the water during the cruise with skipper!

From 10 people
combi image COMBI
Refreshments on the water

Borrel Boat Breda

Start your afternoon or evening off with a drink on a luxurious boat with delicious snacks and unlimited beer, wine, and soft drinks!

From 10 people
combi image COMBI
Unique drinks on the water

Beer Boat Breda

Do you like a beer and boating? Then the beer boat is perfect for you!

From 10 people
combi image COMBI
Unique drinks on the water

Wine Boat Breda

Are you a wine lover? Then the Wine Boat would be the perfect activity for you and your friends!

From 10 people
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An extra cosy tour

High Tea Boat

High tea in style on board a luxury sloop: the perfect way to complete your pleasant day!

From 10 people
combi image COMBI
The ultimate start of the day

Breakfast Boat

Peacefully start your day aboard one of our luxurious boats and discover Breda's waters at dawn!

From 10 people
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The perfect start of the day

Coffee and pastry Boat

Start the day with a cup of coffee or tea and a delicious piece of cake on board one of our luxurious boats!

From 10 people
Captain for one day

Sail yourself Breda

The best way to explore Breda's central waterways is to set sail with your very own boat!

Our team is ready for you!

Can't get out of somewhere? Or do you have other questions or comments? Our team is ready for you. Feel free to contact us; together we look for the best experience and possibilities!

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