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Activities in Breda

Breda is beautiful and we are extremely proud of our city. Besides making ultimate use of the beautiful canals of Breda, we also use the city center of Breda as the playing field of our fun, exciting and special group activities. During these activities, you can discover the beauty the city center of Breda has to offer and use the different resources you encounter to become the champion of your day out. Even the area just outside of Breda has enough beauty to offer and of course, we have plenty of options within our range to explore this.

Will you escape the island?

NEW: Escape From The Island

Working together, surviving and solving problems.. Just a little different from an escape room, that's Escape From The Island!

From 8 people
The stage is yours

ONSTAGE Experience X Shared Dining BAY

Step into the world of dance festivals & top DJs and enjoy with a snack and a drink. Let yourself be amazed..

combi image COMBI
Super exciting city game

Escape City Game

Take on the challenge at the Escape City Game, solve the riddles to crack the codes. Are you on time?

From 8 people
Unlock, Play and Score!

locker games

UNLOCK, PLAY & SCORE. During the Locker Games you will work with your team to collect the most points.

From 8 people
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For the movie stars to be

Shredded Movie

Shoot unique images in separate groups at the scenes in Breda and discover the full story during your premiere!

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Crazy city game

Crazy 88 Breda

Earn the most points with your team during the Crazy88 by completing as many crazy assignments as possible.

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Who's got the most knowledge?


Test your knowledge during this fun pub quiz. Who will be the smartest of the day? Find out here!

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A spectacular golf craze

Street Golf Clinic

Golf on the edge of the center, with special holes? That is possible with the Streetgolf Clinic In Breda!

From 8 people
Playing with a drink

BAY Games

Play different games during the BAY Games which are completely focused on the season. Just relaxed!

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Discover your culinary skills

Cooking workshop Breda

Cook the most delicious dishes with professional help from our chef. Enjoy your own culinary creations!

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Amber is happy to help you!

Unable to figure something out? Or do you have any questions or remarks? Amber is happy to help you out. Please feel free to contact us; together we will find the best experience and possibilities!

Activities in Breda's city center

The city center of Breda is the perfect location for various activities. Think of a Street Golf Clinic, an "escape room" in the city, a Crazy 88, or a bachelor party activity. Our activities in Breda are designed in such a way that different sights from Breda are needed to solve certain riddles or to fulfill assignments. This way you can explore the city center of Breda and play a fun activity. So, two birds with one stone. These unique Breda city activities are a perfect addition to the program of any day out in Breda.

Activities around Breda

In addition to various city games, we also offer various activities and games in the Breda area. Think of a bicycle tour through Breda and discovering the surroundings of Breda during a Solex tour. Are you ready for a cool activity in Breda? The buggy tour goes right through the woods in the outskirts of Breda. The perfect place with enough space for a nice cross-country race.

Departure location BAAI

All activities in Breda depart from BAAI Breda. In addition to the departure location of the activities, BAAI is an attractive catering location at the waterfront. The place is ideal for enjoying a hot or cold drink before the boat tour to start your day out in Breda.

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