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Frequently asked questions

Where should we get on and off?

The boarding and disembarking location is at BAAI Breda on the edge of the center at the following address:

BAAI Breda, Markkade 1AB 4815 HJ Breda.

Here you will be welcomed by one of our employees.

BAAI is the perfect location for a welcome drink before your trip or just as a conclusion!

What time should we be there?

Make sure you are always present at BAAI in good time, so that you will certainly leave on time!

We always ask you to be present half an hour or at least fifteen minutes before the start.

Where is the best place to park?

Unfortunately, because BAAI is located in the center of the city, we do not have our own or free parking.

The best place to park the cars is in parking garage de Prins. From here it is only a 5 minute walk to BAY.

It is also possible to park at STRND Binnen, our sister company at Slingerweg 76, 4814 AZ. This parking facility is a short 10-minute walk from BAAI.

We do have an (unguarded) bicycle shed in front of the door where you can park your bicycle or scooter.

How can I reserve? 

You can place a request for a reservation via the website or via our contact page. A reservation is made through the booking office. They check availability and options and get back to you as soon as possible. The booking is only final after receiving a confirmation email.

How long in advance do I have to book?

It is best to make reservations for a Saturday as early as possible. Saturdays in the high season are almost always full with us, so whoever books first, who sails first! For all other days, booking a month in advance is recommended. We can often shift here and there, so call or email us directly if you want information about booking options.

NB! the reservation is final when you have received a reservation confirmation by e-mail.
For last-minute reservations, call 076-7676001 directly.

Until when can I change the reservation?

It is of course possible that something needs to be changed in your reservation. This is no problem. You can change your reservation up to a week in advance. Send the change by email and we will do everything we can to implement these changes.

You can think of changing the number of people or passing on dietary requirements. These factors must be known to us at least 1 week in advance.

We don't know exactly how many participants we are. Is this a problem?

We understand that the final number of people can always change after making a booking.

Reduction of the number of participants within a margin of 10% can be communicated free of charge in writing up to 1 week before the date of the outing. Please note the indicated minimum number of people that we charge.

We are with fewer people than indicated. What now?

You can change a reservation with us up to a week before the start of your outing. After this, unfortunately, we can no longer change the reservation. At this point we have already placed all orders and confirmed reservations with external partners. If it turns out that there are fewer people on the day of the outing, we unfortunately cannot offer compensation for this.

Can my dietary requirements/allergies be taken into account?

This is no problem at all! We are happy to take your diet or allergy into account.

However, please let us know your dietary requirements at least one week before the outing, so that we can take this into account.

Can I cancel my reservation free of charge?

When you have received a reservation confirmation by email, it is no longer possible to cancel free of charge.

If you nevertheless choose to cancel your reservation, we are forced to charge cancellation costs.

We would like to refer you to our Terms and Conditions.

What to do in bad weather?

We provide cruises all year round. It can sometimes rain or be cold. We always provide enough umbrellas and ponchos on board. If it is a bit colder, we always have enough fleece blankets on board. When there is a short shower on the way, the captain stops the boat for a while under one of the many bridges that we encounter on the way.

Because the weather in the Netherlands can be very unpredictable, we always ask you to come to the location. This way we can make a good estimate of the weather together with you. In case of extreme rain or thunderstorms, we are happy to look at the possibilities together with you, so that we can organize an unforgettable outing for you for the time being.

What are the payment options?

You will receive an e-mail confirmation of your reservation with the invoice. This invoice must be paid immediately, but no later than one week in advance.

This can be done via the payment link in the confirmation email or by transfer via iDeal, stating the invoice number.

Is there a minimum number of people to sail?

If you purchase a single sloop or package on board from us, you pay a per person price. It is therefore important for us to know how many people you are with. The minimum number of people is 10.

If you are willing to pay the minimum number of people, you can of course also book with fewer people.

For groups smaller than 10 people we also offer the possibility to go sailing yourself. More information or book? You can do that through www.zelfvarenbreda.nl.

Can I board somewhere else than at BAAI?

It is possible to get on or off at a few places in Breda than at BAAI. Keep in mind that this is deducted from your own sailing time, because our skipper has to sail to the chosen embarkation or disembarkation point.

You can request more information about this from the booking office.

What options are there for a snack and a drink on board?

We offer various options for a snack and a drink on board. Think of one of our packages on board, such as our lunch boat, drinks boat or one of our dinner boats!

Curious about all the possibilities? look at it here .

Can I bring my own snacks and/or drinks on board?

We are happy to provide snacks and cold drinks on board, but you can also bring your own. This is only not allowed on Friday afternoon after 16:00 PM and on Saturday afternoon after 13.00:XNUMX PM. At these times we only sail with arrangements from us on board.

If you bring your own food and drinks, you must leave everything on board neatly.

Are all boats suitable for all ages and groups?

All boats are suitable for young and old, from bachelor party to friends outing and from company party to family outings. For children we have life jackets available if desired. The tour is really enthusiastically received by young and old.

With how many people can you go on a sloop?

Boating has several luxury sloops. Ranging from sloops in which you can sail yourself, with a capacity of 7 or 10 people, to beautiful electric sloops where you sail with a skipper, with a maximum capacity of 50 people.

When the group is larger than 50 people, we can deploy several sloops at the same time that can sail next to and behind each other. We regularly sail with the entire fleet for groups of up to 225 people.

Are the boats covered? 

The boats are open and therefore not covered. This is because otherwise we cannot pass under the many bridges of Breda. This way everyone can enjoy the beautiful surroundings and the view!

Is there a toilet on the boats? 

All sloops in our fleet are open and there is therefore no toilet on board. Of course you can use the toilet at BAAI before and after the tour.

During the trip we can also, if necessary, moor at a number of places to make a toilet stop. If you need to go to the toilet, you can indicate this to the skipper in time. We only have a limited number of locations for a toilet stop during the tour.

Where can I find more information about BAAI Breda?

Bootje Varen Breda and BAAI Breda are both part of Groepsuitjes Breda. Curious about information about BAAI Breda? View our website and combine your boat trip with a delicious drink.

Can't quite figure it out? Please feel free to contact us. We are happy to assist you.