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Family outing

  • Groups from 8 to 250 people
  • Luxury boats with arrangements
  • More than 30.000 guests each year

Family outing in Breda

For the best family outing of the year, Bootje Varen Breda is the place to be! Over the years we have organized many customized outings for young and old. Onboard our luxurious boats, you and your grandfather, grandmother, aunt, brother, or children can enjoy a beautiful boat tour, cold drinks, or a delicious dinner! With fun activities or a closing drink or dinner at BAAI, your family’s day out will be complete! See below to book the most suitable arrangements or activities or read more to discover the ins and outs of your outing in Breda!

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The ultimate family outing in Breda

At a beautiful location, with a large fleet of luxurious boats, fun activities, and delicious dishes and drinks, we can assure you of an unforgettable family outing. So, it’s no coincidence that we organize about XNUMX family outings every year!

Family outing BAAI Breda

Your family outing usually always starts and ends at BAAI Breda! An amazing restaurant café at the waterfront, that serves as a pick-up and drop-off location for your boat tour. Along with the ideal opportunity for a drink, dinner, or for example, a cup of coffee beforehand. An activity program or some drinks before departure are also possible, so don’t forget to include BAAI Breda in your outing experience!

Sailing in Breda during your family outing

Taking a boat tour through Breda is for almost all groups a permanent element of their bachelor party. Breda’s waterways are beautiful, and you can completely relax onboard our luxurious boats. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery, the sunset at its best, cold drinks in champagne coolers, a friendly captain who can tell you everything about the area and if desired we can even put a complete BBQ or lunch aboard your boat! A unique family reunion, trip, or other family outings in Breda!

Your personalized outing in Breda

Do you want to complete your family outing and make it an exciting day? Our event managers are happy to discuss in further detail the content of your day out! A fun city activity organized by Groepsuitjes Breda or a game program at BAAI, and of course in combination with a boat tour or drinks and dinner at BAAI! If our website cannot answer all your questions, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to help in any way we can!

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