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BBQ at BAY Breda

BAAI is the place where you can meet informally with any group in the most beautiful spot on the water. It is an excellent place for drinks, but also for a delicious, extensive BBQ. Although the location is mainly in the open air, it is an excellent place to BBQ and have a drink in any season. Baai changes its layout and layout every season, so that there are always warm, fresh and dry places. Just what you want.

  • The perfect BBQ location on the water
  • Seasonal location and menus
  • Choose from several menus
  • Private chef
  • Informal atmosphere
  • Adaptable to every wish

BBQ at BAAI from € 32,50 pp

If you book a BBQ at BAAI, it will always be equipped with a private chef, who will ensure that every piece of meat or fish is perfectly prepared. In addition, each BBQ menu consists of different cuts of meat, different sauces and different side dishes.

The BBQ at BAAI is suitable for every season and will therefore be adapted to this. At the summer BBQ, the side dished will count more fresh salads, where with a winter BBQ this will be more like a stew. For the full menus, click on 'BAAI BBQ Menus' below.

Of course, any allergies or dietary requirements can be taken into account.
Please contact us by phone or state this clearly in the application.


  • From 20 people
  • Location: BAAI, Markkade 1AB Breda
  • From € 32,50 per person
  • Including BBQ menu and various side dishes
  • Including materials, chef and VAT
  • Excluding drinks (for sale on location) or combine with a drink package!

BAY BBQ Summer

Note: offer may vary.

  • Delicious cuts of meat, such as marinated chicken thighs, attorney's steak, beef burger, attorney's steak, bacon steak 'Tex Mex' style
  • Side dishes such as marinated vegetables, various salads (such as potato salad, raw vegetables and pasta salad), bread and herb butter and various sauces (such as cocktail sauce, chili sauce and aioli).

BAY BBQ Summer Deluxe

Note: offer may vary.

  • Delicious pieces of meat/fish such as chicken thighs, hamburger, shaslick, garlic prawns, salmon 'en papilotte'
  • Side dishes such as marinated vegetables, various salads, baguette with herb butter and various sauces.
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