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locker games


During the Lockergames you play this interactive activity together with your colleagues or friends. Standing, sitting, walking or running! The locker games revolve around challenge, competition, tactics and collecting the most points. Choose whether you want to play as many lockers as possible or do you just solve the most difficult questions? The choice is up to you and your team! Be surprised by unexpected assignments where points can be won and lost or challenge the other teams and earn extra points.

  • Nice hotspot in Breda
  • To add to any day out
  • Suitable for young and old
  • Enough space and nice atmosphere
  • Team building at its best
  • Ideal for large groups

Locker games for €18,50 pp

The location is your playing field. Not a board game, not an escape game, but a unique collection of think, make and do games! Each locker is a new experience and challenge. Together with your teammates you will work to get the most points with your tactics
to fetch. You play this game in combination with a tablet. UNLOCK, PLAY AND SCORE.

Book the Locker Games in Breda now for your company outing, friends outing or family outing! Combine with a delicious boat trip or a drink BAY for your perfect day out.


  • From 10 people
  • Location: BAAI, Markkade 1AB Breda
  • Duration: 1 hours
  • From € 18,50 per person
  • Including game guide and VAT
  • Excluding drinks (for sale on location) or combine with drink purchase!
Combine for extras!

When you book several activities with a “Combi Seal” you will receive a nice extra. The more stamps, the more fun the extra!

combi image COMBI

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