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Escape From The Island

Escape From The Island

Something different than escaping from an escape room? Then Escape From The Island is perfect! Due to a failed sailing cruise you are stranded on a desert island and try to get rid of it as soon as possible with your team ...

  • Perfect team building activity
  • Unique escape game
  • At the most beautiful hotspot in Breda
  • Strategy & tactics
  • From 10 people
  • To add to any day out

Book this challenging activity now from 18,50 per person

You will be familiar with the popular escape rooms by now, but what if you don't have to escape from a room, but from a (fictitious) island? That's our new exciting activity!

You capsized during a sailing cruise and washed up in different teams on a beautiful, deserted island. To survive, you will have to escape quickly with your team. For that you have to work together, survive and solve problems. You start with all kinds of attributes that you have found on the island. Use them wisely to finally get the plane ticket for your return journey and escape from the deserted island.

Book this unique activity in Breda now for your company outing, friends outing or family outing! Combine with a delicious boat trip or a drink at BAAI for your perfect day out.

  • From 10 people
  • Location: BAY, Markkade 1AB Breda
  • Duration: 1 hour – depending on your solving skills
  • € 18,50 per person
  • Including game supervisor and VAT
  • Excluding drinks (for sale on location) or combine with drink purchase!


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