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Crazy 88 Breda

Crazy 88 Breda

Crazy 88 is a crazy game with various fun, crazy and exciting assignments in the center of Breda. One Crazy 88 assignment is even crazier than the other. The aim is to perform as many assignments as possible properly. The execution of the assignments must be filmed, as these serve as evidence. Finally, the captured film material is edited into a hilarious film that will be sent to you as a lasting memory of your day out.

  • Discover the city center of Breda
  • Highly recommended for any bachelorette party
  • The perfect afternoon activity
  • Start and end at BAAI Breda
  • Crazy assignments with a competitive element
  • Including after movie

Crazy Crazy 88 game for € 29,50 pp

You will be welcomed at our catering location BAAI Breda. Our friendly instructor will then explain the activity to you. After this you will be sent into the city in smaller groups for 2,5 to 3 hours to carry out as many assignments as possible and thus gain as many points as possible. You will receive the assignments on your mobile phone via our special Crazy 88 app. Afterwards you will be the last to be welcomed at the starting location and you will hear who the winners are while enjoying a drink.

  • From 10 people
  • Start location: BAAI, Markkade 1AB Breda
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Including explanation of supervisor and VAT
  • Mobile phone required
  • incl. drink afterwards

Book the Crazy88 in Breda now, the activity for a bachelor party! Combine with a delicious boat trip or a drink BAY for your perfect day out.

Combine for extras!

When you book several activities with a “Combi Seal” you will receive a nice extra. The more stamps, the more fun the extra!

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